Powerball winners

You Do With 62-million Dollars? One Year Ago.. A Couple From Gretna Got To Answer That Question.. They Turned On Ketv And Found Out They’d Won The Powerball Jackpot. The Harrigs Told Me Then.. They Wanted That Money To Become Their Legacy. They Didn’t Want To See The ‘curse Of The Lottery’. They Invited Us To See Their New Dream…

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Game Master Challenge

– Winner gets $10,000. But, if you get three answers wrong you have to let us go through your camera roll on your phone. – What? – Why’d you point at mine just now? – I mean I’m just saying, that the loser– – You kind of already went through my camera roll before. – If you lose, if you…

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But many of these survival mechanisms that are hardwired in our brain are utterly useless to us as far as investing goes. In fact, they actually hurt us, and if you guys want to learn more about this, a lot of this information, a lot of this stuff that I learned, came from the book Unshakeable by Tony Robbins. I…

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Indigo Sky Casino

For looking to get out of town for a while and want to have some fun, come on the west of highway 62 indigo sky casino. I have got Melanie with me, good to see you again. Tom, good to see you. People refer to it as indigo sky casino but it’s a whole lot more, obviously the casino but…

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