Game Master Challenge


– Winner gets $10,000. But, if you get three answers wrong you have to let us go through your camera roll on your phone. – What? – Why’d you point at mine just now? – I mean I’m just saying, that the loser– – You kind of already went through my camera roll before. – If you lose, if you get three questions wrong, we get to go through your camera roll.

So– – All right, fine, I got nothing to hide. – Yeah, so you guys, who do you think will win? Daniel or Matt? Comment below right now and we’re gonna find out.

Who’s gonna win $10,000? – I got this. – It’s me, it’s me, it’s me. – Okay. – What are you gonna do with $10,000, Daniel? – I’m gonna buy more spy gadgets.

– Wrong, you’re gonna do nothing cause I’m gonna win. You gonna win at Canadian online casino more money! That’s right. – Matt, what are you gonna do with $10,000? – I’m gonna give it to somebody. – Who’s somebody? – Like– – We’ll find out.

– Like your wife, right? – I mean, surprise. We don’t know yet. – You gonna buy a Tesla? – Possibly. – Tesla?

You can’t buy a Tesla for $10,000. – That’s true, that’s true. – Stick around to the end of this video, I’ll reveal how I do it. – Also, stick around until later in this video. Cause we are gonna be giving shout outs to you guys that have scored 100 percent on the Game Master network quizzes.

And shout out to people wearing our merch so stay tuned. – Wait, also, if I’m here, who’s behind the camera? – We’re gonna tell you at the end of this video. – You’ll never know. – So the way this challenge works is I’m gonna be asking them a question and they both have buzzers and the first person to hit the buzzer gets to say their answer and if they get it right they get a point but, if they don’t then they have one strike against them. Three of them and they’re gonna have to reveal their camera roll.

– No strikes in here. I know everything about my wife. – You might be surprised, I know some stuff too. – Okay, here we go. – All right.

Let’s start with question number one. Where am I from? – Oh, I got this. – What? – Daniel. – Rebecca is from Martinez, California but she was born in Arlington, Virginia.

– Yes. – How did you know that? – Hacker skills, guys. – Well, yeah, I mean that’s funny cause no one knows that I was actually born in Arlington, Virginia. – I do. – Let us know where you are from– what city or what country?

Cause we wanna know. – Also, she’s kind of my best friend. – What? – I mean, he knows a lot about me so far, Matt. He knows more than you.

All right. – I mean, I knew that. I knew it. – But I answered it quicker, faster. – Okay, this is– – Okay, game on, game on. – All right.

– This is a real challenge today. It’s $10,000. – Okay. – True.

Okay. Question number two. Where did Matt and I go on our honeymoon?

– Ohh. – Jamaica. Ocho Rios, to be exact. – Okay.

Matt had an advantage cause yeah, we went to Jamaica. – Because he was there. – That’s my wife! Woo! – That’s true.

– That’s true. – Okay. That’s one to one. – One to one.

– Wife, not best friend though, right? – I mean, I kind of thought– I thought we were best friends but apparently your best friend is sitting over there. I’ve learned a lot today. – You can have a lot of best friends.

You know? – You can, you can. – It’s true. Everyone in the Game Master network is my best friend. – Awe.

– Sorry, its true Matt. – Okay. – Question number three. Where was the first place that we found a Game Master clue? – [Daniel and Matt] Under the Cabin.

– That was, I, I don’t know. You guys let me know who won. That was kind of tie? – I think I hit first.

– What? Yeah, I definitely hit mine first. – I don’t know. – Mine didn’t light up though. Mine’s not lighting up.

– Mine lit up. Does that mean I get the point? – Okay, you guys let me know on that one. I’m not really sure who did it first. It sounded like they did it at the same time.

I’m gonna have to say right now it’s a tie. But I’m gonna read the comments section to find out. – Well, hold on– – If its a tie– – Where are these buttons from?

Rebecca, where’d you get these? These, this looks a little familiar. – What? – Where are these buttons from? – I don’t know.

I just found them. They were here at the safe house. – I mean, you were tricking us all day yesterday. – Hmm. – I mean, okay.

I tricked you. I twin swapped with RZ twin but, I don’t know where the button, they were here in the safe house. – Is something happening while we’re pressing these buttons?

– I don’t know. Mine’s not doing anything. What about yours? – Mine’s lighting up. See?

I just pressed it a lot. I hope nothing happens. – Okay. – Yeah. – Okay.

– Comment down below if you guys know where that’s from. I think I do, I just don’t want to say it out loud. – Next question. How many spy ninja gadgets do I have? – I … at least 50?

– Actually, Yeah. – Wrong. – You have to hit the buzzer if you’re gonna do it. – We actually really don’t have any.

– Yeah. – I would say none. – Yeah, I have none. – She has none because they were all taken out by the EMP. they were all destroyed.

– [Matt] I forgot! – Yeah, the only ones we have now are Daniel’s. – Yeah, I have them both here. I’ll show you guys. Hold on.

– Okay. – We don’t need to see them. – What? – Its fine.

They were on the video. – They might as well see them. – They were on the Game Master Network.

Its fine. – Just grab them, just grab them, Daniel. – I’ll show you, they’re really cool. This is really weird, guys. – Yeah? What?

– There’s, there’s only this motion detector. – Wait. – I had a voice changer. – That’s right, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Daniel] Yeah.

– [Rebecca] On the Game Master network– – But all I found was this. I don’t, I thought I brought it in to the safe house but it– – Maybe it’s in your car? – Maybe it’s in my car. He’s right. – Okay, all right, no worries. We don’t have to see it now.

– Okay, I’ll show you guys– – The ZamFam can go watch that video. – Yup. – So– – Yeah, lets move on. Gotta win $10,000. – All right. So right now Matt has one wrong and Daniel has zero wrong.

Not gonna happen. – Smash the thumbs up button if you think that we should go through Matt’s camera roll. – Yes. – No. – Yes.

– I didn’t wanna like make Matt feel too bad. You know? Cause– – Yeah, it makes sense though. Okay, Matt. You guys, please screenshot this right now cause Matt is about to do the splits.

He can’t do the splits. – Okay. – Oh man, oh man. – All right, wait, I think you should turn this way to do it. – Ohh.

– No. Really? – Yup. Go Matt.

– You got to get down all the way. – It’s not going that far. – Do it for $10,000! $10,000– I can’t do it. – One more time. I can’t do it.

– Okay. – You okay? – One more time. – Are you guys ready for me to reveal it? Who had the right ninja move?

– Yeah, who had the right move? – Wait, who did the right ninja move? – Yeah, which is the one that you’re best known for? – I mean there’s one that’s my signature and that would obviously be the tornado kick! – Oh!

– What?! – That’s a gymnastics move! That’s not a ninja move!

– But you’ve used it in the twin telepathy challenge! – I did. But I’ve also used that tornado kick in a ton of battle royals. You guys know. Next question.

Where was the first laptop found inside the casino room? – Oh, the back room! – You have to be more specific. – It was actually in the back room, kind of. But even a little bit further– it was inside the elevator. – Oh.

– Yeah. Matt got that. – Oh yeah, Daniel you weren’t there.

Where were you? – Right. – Yeah.

– You called me though. – Yeah we called him. – Yeah you did. – But your phone was glitching a little bit. – Yeah.

– It was weird. Like a little but suspicious. We never talked about about that.

– Actually, Matt, we were in a really low place. – Yeah, exactly. – We weren’t getting good reception. – Yeah I was trying to get in touch with you. – I think, I think that was fine.

He was trying to tell us. He had the ZamFam tell us what it was. – Yeah, remember?

– He was trying to communicate. – Yeah, I let them know I hacked into the video and let them know. – Exactly. – I wish you wouldn’t bring up the laptops that’s a sore subject. – I know.

– Oh. – E3. – If you didn’t see, the Red Hood tricked us. E3 was the decoy. – Yup.

– Actually Daniel, that brings me up to the next question. – Okay. – In E3, the Red Hood had us play a game. All of this was a trap obviously, but what was the game that we played?

Come on guys. What? – Clue. In real life.

– No, no, no, Matt. It was here in the safe house. It’s the rec– – Roblox. – Exactly. If you guys knew that comment “I knew it was Roblox” It was Roblox, Matt.

You were there. You were helping play. – Okay. – Right?

You watched it. – You know what? I wasn’t really listening. Let’s just keep on going. Give me a mulligan on that one. – What?

– You weren’t listening? – Yeah. My mind’s like in a weird spot.

– I mean, okay, okay. I mean it is for $10,000. But I guess. Rebecca let’s like– – Who you texting?

– Huh? – Who are you texting? – Just a buddy of mine. Telling him about that the $10,000.

What, but you don’t even have the $10,000. – You haven’t even won. – Yeah, you haven’t even– – Daniels ahead. – Fair and square. – I will win though cause it’s gonna happen.

– That’s not right. Who are you telling? – Right now you have two.

– Why are you smiling? – It’ll all make sense. I’m just saying, like you need to just– – It’ll all make sense? – Okay, no.

– Just a little bit. – No, right now Matt has two answers wrong. If he gets one more, we’re all looking on his camera roll. – So we just gave him that one?

He just gets to go over again? That’s not fair. – No. – Yeah.

– He got it wrong. He’s two, right? – No, that would’ve been a third. – Yup, I got two. – Oh, that would’ve been?

– I got two. – Wait, was it his third? – That would’ve been his third. – No guys.

You don’t know– – Wait. Was it, you guys? Did I mess up?

– No. – Should we look at his phone? – Rebecca, no.

– Okay. – Not yet. – Okay. – Okay. – In due time you guys will see it.

– Okay. I forget, but I don’t know if that was two wrong. I thought that was three but, I guess let’s just move on.

Let’s just move on. Cause it felt like– – Okay, well if … are you cheating, Matt? – No. I’m not a liar or anything, like everything’s cool.

– Okay. – She didn’t even call you a liar. – Okay. Next question. Who made a cameo in my Ugly Christmas Sweater music video?

And I didn’t even have any idea. – Oh. – What?

Matt? – It was the Game Master. – Was it? – It was. He was in the video, in like a short clip.

We had no idea. – A lot of people we commenting about it. – Yeah. – Wow, okay. – The ZamFam kept commenting that.

Do you guys remember? Remember that time code. I don’t know exactly when it was but he was definitely there.

– Yeah, what was the time code? – I don’t know. You guys, if you know that, go and comment it.

– Also, guys, what’s going on with the Game Master? Like he could end everything right now. Everything we’re going through right now. – That is a good point. – Yeah, but why would he wanna do a face reveal to the Red Hood?

That means he’s giving up. We would lose and the Red Hood would have all the power. He should absolutely not do a face reveal. – It makes a lot of sense though. Like he could just end everything. – Matt!

– It’s one person. – Why are you saying that? – It’s just one person. He could do that. And then that could save all of us.

– No, he can do a face reveal to us but, we’re the Game Master network, we don’t want him doing it to the bad guy which is the Red Hood. – Yeah. I don’t think we want to show the Game Master’s face. – No. – Yeah.

Guys it makes the most sense. It’s just one person. – No, I don’t think he should show his face.

– Daniel, you know who the Game Master is. You’ve seen his face. – Well … Regard …

Regardless. – You know he did. – I mean I think so. I don’t know. – He told us, he told us. – He says that but maybe he was lying.

– Trust me, trust me, trust me. He can’t show his face. It’s too important. We got to figure another way out of this. – Is there something you want to tell us, Daniel?

– No. That’s all I wanna say right now. – Okay, guys. – What about you, Matt?

You’ve been acting suspicious. – Why are you against the Game Master right now? – No, I’m just saying it might be easier for all of us if he just shows his face. Let us know in the comments section down below if you agree with Daniel or if you agree with Matt. Also hashtag team Daniel, hashtag team Matt. – [Rebecca And Daniel] Oh no.

– Okay, let’s get back to this $10,000 challenge on who knows me better. The last and final question. You have to get this right.

The last and final question– – What? – What? – What did you just say?

– I said, you ready? Okay. – Okay. – Who trapped me and Daniel in the car before the event? – Matt got that first.

– The Red Hood. – No, Matt. – That was E2, E3. That’s not what E1 was. – It was the RZ twin. – So that means you got three wrong – Yes.

Okay, you guys, comment “Matt needs to show his phone!” $10,000, but you have to show your camera roll. – Let’s head over to the couch guys, come on. – Okay, okay. – To the couch? – Yeah.