Indigo Sky Casino

For looking to get out of town for a while and want to have some fun, come on the west of highway 62 indigo sky casino. I have got Melanie with me, good to see you again. Tom, good to see you.

People refer to it as indigo sky casino but it’s a whole lot more, obviously the casino but you have so much to offer folks here. We do, we have 245 hotel rooms, awesome pools ready for pool season. An RV park, at 45 spaces and also curing that for race season.

We just had the Kentucky Derby may 4 and we are unique here in this area because we are the only ones with off-track betting. Those are big things for us. Tom: let’s talk about the hotel a little bit because I know it hasn’t been too long, that you opened all of these rooms out. Tell me about it.

We basically have 198 standard rooms that we have, a lot of sweets and we have two big executive suites. We are pretty proud of those. We can do parties in them, very unique situations that people can go in and just to come in to cook for them.

To have bottle service chuck can put a great spread out for folks in that situation. Of course, the restaurant speaking of chefs table, you know again something for everyone, every sort of price point, great meals. Exactly, when people asked me what I recommend I can’t even begin to tell you which one I recommend. They are also great, he does a great job and the staff, excellent.

You won’t walk away regretting your decision. Tom: he has introduced us to a few things of course but tomahawk state is really things for kids, things for people who might be watching their weight and everything is on that menu. Guest: gluten-free buffet so if you are picky and looking for something specifically to go to the menu other than that go to the buffet and eat all you want. Tom: I want to backtrack a little bit because we talked about the hotel. But you want to remind people who have heard how these people are traveling and like that you have space for them here as well. Guest: we do, we have 45 spaces out there with wonder, showers, a cooked up.

They can enjoy the pool and of course, they come in and eat, a game as well. Tom: whether it is for a short stay or long stay or coming by for the day or evening you have to get it covered. Now talk about the casino itself, games for everyone.

We have 2000 machines and obviously all denominations, we also have table games and we just introduced the lead and craft. You mentioned betting as well. Online casino games with no deposit. Also, poker if your poker player two. It does sound like you’ve got all kinds of price points as far as hotels, as far as food and of course as far as the casino is concerned. Sounds like you’re taking care of everything.

I think so I think we have something to fit everybody. Of course, you have staff here that is there to help you whenever you need it. We have an excellent staff, very proud of the service we provide. We have been here for 35 years so we are proud of that.

You would know what you’re doing. Exactly pc tell folks how they can find you and give more information. They can go to the website or give us a call or better yet stop by highway 60 west of Seneca and come see us. Tom: pretty simple. It’s good to see you.